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We are a family operated Limited Libility Company with a goal of providing quality bubble making resources, entertainment, and products.  These are handcrafted items.


Our supplies and equipment have been "field tested" with users to provide a fulfilling bubbling experience.  

Helpful Information

Our team is available to assist you with:

• How to properly mix and store the solution.

• How to plan for a "Big Bubble Event."  

• How much solution needed to hold an event?

• How many "wands" are required for your size of group?  

•How much supervision is needed for what age groups?

• How do you use the wands properly to obtain the largest, longest lasting        


• What are the guidelines for having a safe, worry free event?  

• How long should a  "Big Bubble event last?"

• Proper storing of wands after use.

• How do heat and humidity impact the size of bubbles?



Thank you so much for bringing your talents, bubble supplies, and wonderful family to Bubbles at the Castle at North Chagrin.


Your presence certainly added to the event and all of the children had a great time....I hope you are able to participate in the future.



North Chagrin Nature Center

Cleveland Metro Parks


Events & Workshops



Contact us if you would like somene to do a "performance event" for you.  We are taking a limited number of bookings at this time.

Demonstrations & Workshops


Contact us if you would be interested in a demonstration of "Big Bubble Art" or would like to sponsor an event utilizing the involvement of giant bubbles.

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