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Mix the contents of the powder pack with 24oz of Dawn Ultra Dish washing liquid (you provide) and THEN add to 3 gallons of water.  (See details for more information)  Do NOT use antibacterial Dawn.  

Note: You must mix the three gallons all at one NOT use this to make solution one gallon at a time.

Event Magic Bubble Powder (to make 3 gallons)

  • In a clean container, mix the powder in the bag with 24 ounces of blue Dawn Ultra Dishwashing Liquid you have purchased. (We highly recommend using blue Dawn NOT use antibacterial soap) Once you have the powder and the Dawn mixed together, add the resulting "slurry" to 3 gallons of clean water. (Tap water works fine) Allowing the mixture to sit overnight is recommended and will create the biggest and most stable bubbles
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