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Everything you need to get started making Big Bubbles...Magic powder (1 gallon size), 8 oz. of Dawn Ultra liquid dish soap to mix with magic powder (which then gets added to a gallon of water you provide), two small try-string wands (30" x 30" x30") strings), a bucket (colors will vary), and detailed mixing and use instructions.

(Makes slightly over 1 gallon of Bubble Solution)

Fun Pak - (2) Small wands, powder, Dawn, bucket

  • 18" wands (2) have a rope loop 30" X 30" X 30" that makes very large bubbles. You mix the Magic Powder that is in the small pouch with the Dawn Ultra dishwashing liquid and then add 1 gallon of water to that "slurry" to make your bubble solution. Detailed instructions come with the set to assist you in mixing the liquid and using the wands.

    (One gallon of solution will provide approximately 1 hr of constantly making bubbles)
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