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Small Garland with 18" sticks, 1 gallon Magic Powder pak (to make one gallon of solution), 8 oz bottle of Dawn Ultra, and one gallon bucket.

Garland Kit (One (1) Small garland, powder, 8oz Dawn & bucket)

  • Garland wands allow for making lots of bubbles, but especially useful in higher wind conditions.
    This 36" garland is attached to 18" sticks which makes it much more manageable for children or adults looking for something easier to use than our larger garlands.
    Included in the kit is the garland attached to two 18" wands, 1 gallon powder that get's mixed with the 9 oz. Dawn Ultra (included), and a one gallon bucket.

    (One gallon of solution will provide approximately 45 minutes of constantly making bubbles)
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