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7 FEET WIDE! Our Garland wand creates a magical flow of hundreds of smaller bubbles (about 6"-15" in diameter)  The wand is constructed of two 48" hardwood dowels with metal swivel snap attachments on the rope ends to resist getting the garland twisted.

You can unsnap the garland and replace it with a 48" try-string or 36" (sold separately) that comes with metal swivel snaps.

Large Garland (84" wide w/12 loops) & end swivels

  • A garland wand is a great way to give children LOTS of bubbles to chase. The large wand can be used by one adult, but having two people, each holding one side of the wand, is a great way to get more people involved in the fun of making big bubbles and to get the maximum amount of bubbles. Constructed with snaps on the rope allows different ropes to be attached to the same wands.(such as our standard 48" rope) Also a solution to making bubbles in higher wind conditions where standard wands may not work well.
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