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48" multiple loop garland with two 36" wands for children and adults who are looking for a way to make lots of bubbles and is easily manageable by a single person.

Makes lots of bubbles and especially useful (MUST HAVE) on windy days or when making single bubbles with other wands become more difficult.

Medium Garland (48" wide /6 loops on 36" sticks)

  • The 6 loops of this garland wands allows for making lots of bubbles, especially in higher wind conditions and when a group of children are enjoying chasing bubbles.

    This 48" garland is attached to two half inch 36" wands with snaps which allows interchanging the garland with a tri-string wand. (sold separately) The 36" rods make it much more manageable for children or adults looking for something easier to use than our 5ft or 7ft garland.
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