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Mix the contents of the powder pack with 8 oz of blue Dawn Ultra Dish washing liquid (that you provide) and THEN add to 1 gallon of water. Works best if you allow the mixture to sit overnight or for 6-8 hours to "brew" before using. (See details for more information)

Requires you to supply the 8 oz of blue Dawn Ultra Liquid Dish washing NOT use antibacterial.

Caution: As of 2020 what used to be 8 oz. size Dawn Ultra is now 7 oz.  You need 8 oz.

Single One Gallon Magic Bubble Powder Mix

  • In a clean container, mix the powder in the bag with 8 ounces of Dawn Ultra Dishwashing Liquid you have purchased. (We highly recommend using blue Dawn ultra) Once you have the powder and the Dawn mixed together, add the resulting "slurry" to 1 gallon of clean water. (Tap water works fine unless you have really "bad" water) The mixture works best (but not absolutely necessary) if allowed to sit overnight before using it to make great big bubbles.

    (One gallon of solution will provide about 1 hour of constant bubble making with a triangle-string wand or about 45 minutes of constant bubble making with a garland.)

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