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A smaller version of our big wands easier for travel and for children to use but perfectly suited  for adults as well. The top rope size is 30" and the bottom loop is 60" and comes with a weighted washer on the lower loop.  Features highly absorbent rope that has been pre-treated for maximum absorption with reinforced ends on the hardwood wands.  

Small Bubble Wand (30" top rope on 18" sticks)

  • Much easier for smaller children to handle and yet can make nearly as large bubbles as the 36" wand. (The short sticks require larger children and adults to bend more in order to dip the rope in the bubble solution.) Thus, we recommend the 36" wands for children 7 years or older. The rope used is pre-treated and highly absorbent and weighted in the center to make dipping in the solution easier.
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