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If you want to see a gaggle of giggles, start making huge bubbles and watch children respond.  They don't just love playing with bubbles, they delight in playing with bubbles.  And it's not just kids...teens and adults may start out as observers but shortly are fully engaged in giant bubble making, picture taking, and playing with big bubbles.


•Birthday parties  •Graduation parties

•Home coming events  •Camps  •Retreats  •Seminars  •Vacation Bible School  •Sports team entries  *Scouts   •Sr. Adults  •Nursing homes  •Winter events below freezing...ever see what a frozen bubble looks like and does? 


Need an "Ice Breaker" for an event?  Making Big Bubbles is a perfect way to get people interacting with each other.  Language is no barrier.


Need to gather a crowd?  A display of big bubbles is an excellent way to do it.

Bubble Event FAQ's






Here is a PDF file with frequently asked question for setting up and managing a large Big Bubble event -  parties,  camps, retreats, or large group activities. 

Helpful Hints for Events


Set up 4 to 6 pans and wands.  Divide kids into groups of 8 to 12.  Divide those groups in half...1/2 of the kids making bubbles and the other half "chasing" bubbles.  Switch the groups after about 10 minutes.


Mark a line or lay out a rope about 10' to 15' in front of the pans and wands and instruct "bubble chasers" they cannot come any closer than that line, which allows the "bubble makers" to make big bubbles before the other kids break them.


You will use about 1 gallon of solution per station per hour...a garland uses about 1.5 gallons in an hour of constant use..



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